About Crossan Jewellers

Crossan Jewellers was original opened in 1967 by Jackie Crossan at 26 Lower Main, Street Buncrana, by converting the living room of his parents house into a one room shop.

The opening hours were spent dealing with the day to day running of the shop and after hours were devoted to the repairing of all the jewellery and watch repairs. (All watches at that time were mechanical wind up, the battery watch was yet to arrive).

It would not be unusual for Jackie to get home at 11pm at night. His work bench would have faced onto the main street, and I do believe that as much time would have been spent talking with the passing locals, as working on the repairs.

In 1976 Jackie purchased a new premises several doors away from the original shop at 26 Lower Main Street, where it remains to this day.

It was during these early years that Jackie Crossan laid down the foundations on which to build on in the future. Jackie’s son Shane started working in 2000, and has brought his own set of skills and commitment to build it to the modern business it is today while keeping the traditions of service and quality of years gone by.

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